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Hebrew Seminary, founded in 1992, is a pluralistic, egalitarian, inclusive Rabbinical school that trains people as rabbis, pararabbis, and educators to serve all Jewish communities, including the Deaf community. Hebrew Seminary prepares Jewish leaders who can serve diverse communities of Jews, Jewish communities and multifaith communities.

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All classes are currently held virtually and are open to Rabbinic students, as well as auditing students from around the world.

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A blue square with a yellow circle inside of it with a coffee cup inside of the yellow circle. There appears to be text on the outside of the paper coffee cup. In the top right corner of the blue square it says "Tablet." In the center of the image, moving across the coffee cup, it says "TAKE ONE" in large all-cap block letters. Under that, it says "Talmud to Go" in smaller italic letters

Listen to Rabbi Shari Chen, Hebrew Seminary’s Dean of Students, on Unorthodox’s sister podcast, Take One: Talmud to Go, a Daf Yomi podcast. This episode features part of the conversation from the April 23rd live taping at Moriah Congregation in Deerfield, IL

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